Locating and Replacing the 2003 Ford Expedition Fuel Pump Relay: A Comprehensive Guide

Replacing a Car Relay

Today, we’re going to replace the relay in our 2003 Ford Expedition. The shop quoted us $800 to replace the fuse panel, but we found the relay on eBay for just $12 plus shipping. We want to see if this inexpensive fix will work.

Finding the Relay

We located the relay labeled 303 on the front of the fuse panel. After confirming that the fuses were all in good condition, we proceeded to remove the entire fuse panel so that we could solder the new relay onto the back where the damaged one was located.

Removing the Fuse Panel

We carefully removed the fuse panel from the car, disconnecting several plugs and a power cable that runs up to the battery. We then took the panel apart to access the motherboard and the damaged relay.

Identifying Issues

During disassembly, we found signs of corrosion and moisture in the fuse panel, which may have affected the performance of the relay. We also discovered that the old relay showed clear signs of damage and burning, further confirming the need for a replacement.

Soldering the New Relay

We carefully soldered the new relay onto the motherboard, ensuring that the connections were secure and that we didn’t overheat the relay during the process. After completing the soldering, we reassembled the fuse panel and placed it back into the car.

Testing the Fix

After reconnecting all the plugs and the power cable, we tested the car, and to our relief, it started perfectly. The $12 relay replacement had worked like a charm, saving us hundreds of dollars in repair costs.


In conclusion, this DIY fix proved to be a cost-effective solution for our car trouble. Replacing the relay ourselves not only saved us a significant amount of money but also gave us the satisfaction of successfully troubleshooting and resolving the issue.

We hope this experience inspires others to explore DIY solutions for car repairs and demonstrates that sometimes, a simple and affordable fix can be just as effective as a costly professional service.

What was the issue with the car?

The issue with the car was related to the fuel pump relay or shutoff switch, PCM fuel pump monitor, and fuel pump for the 2003 Ford Expedition.

What was the cost-effective solution to the issue?

The cost-effective solution was to replace the 303 relay, which was found on eBay for twelve dollars plus shipping.

How was the replacement of the relay carried out?

The replacement involved removing the entire fuse panel, soldering the new relay onto the damaged part, and then reassembling the fuse panel.

Did the replacement resolve the issue?

Yes, the replacement of the relay resolved the issue, and the car started and worked perfectly after the fix.

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