Mastering the 2016 Ford Escape Battery Replacement: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you own a 2016 Ford Escape (and down to 2013 models), here’s a quick guide to help you replace the battery. It’s a fairly simple process and doesn’t require advanced mechanical skills.

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Step 1: Removing Wipers and Cowl

The battery is located right here. The first steps involve removing the caps on each of your wipers and then the 14-millimeter nut. You can use a pocket screwdriver to remove the clips along the entire front of the cowl, as well as a T25 torx on your master cylinder reservoir. This will allow you to remove the wipers and access the battery compartment.

Step 2: Accessing the Battery

Once the nuts are off and you’ve taken note of the wiper locations, you can release the plastic clips behind the cowl and remove it. There are 10-millimeter bolts on each side that need to be removed to take out the plastic piece and reveal the battery.

Step 3: Removing and Cleaning the Battery

After accessing the battery, you can use a 10-millimeter to remove bolts securing the battery. If there’s any corrosion, you can use a wire brush and anti-corrosive spray to clean it up. Don’t forget to clean the inside of the terminal and coat it with some grease to prevent future corrosion.

And that’s it! The rest of the process is self-explanatory. These quick instructions should help you with the basic steps for replacing the battery on your 2016 Ford Escape.

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How do I replace the battery on a 2016 Ford Escape?

First, remove the caps on each of your wipers and the 14 millimeter nut. Use a pocket screwdriver to pop the clips out of the cowl and a T25 torx on the master cylinder reservoir. Take note of the wiper locations, pop them off, and remove the nuts. Then, release the plastic clips behind the cowl and remove the plastic piece to access the battery. Clean any corrosion with a wire brush and anti-corrosive spray, and then coat the terminals with grease before reassembling.

What tools are needed for replacing the battery?

You will need a pocket screwdriver, 14 millimeter and 10 millimeter wrench, T25 torx, wire brush, and anti-corrosive spray for cleaning and maintaining the battery and its components.

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