2017 Ford Escape Transmission Problems: How to Identify and Fix Them

Finding and Fixing Transmission Problems in a 2017 Ford Escape

Today’s project involves a 2017 Ford Escape that was brought in on a tow truck due to transmission problems. The vehicle was experiencing issues with the gears disengaging while driving, causing it to lose power and not move forward, even with the engine running and the shifter set to Drive.

Upon inspection, it was discovered that the car had 106,173 miles on it and had never undergone transmission service, including fluid flushing, draining, and filling. The old transmission fluid was extremely dark, indicating a severe lack of maintenance.

The owner admitted to not being aware of the need for regular transmission servicing, which had led to the transmission failure in the vehicle.

Using a scanner, a diagnostic was performed to identify the specific transmission problems. The scan revealed issues with the pressure control solenoid and inconsistent pressure in the transmission, causing the gears to disengage intermittently.

Faced with these results, the next step was to remove and inspect the control body solenoid, valve body, and check-up plates to pinpoint and address the root cause of the transmission problems.

Proper maintenance, including regular transmission fluid changes, could have prevented this costly issue. It’s crucial for every car owner to stay informed about their vehicle’s maintenance needs to avoid major and avoidable repairs.

What was the issue with the Ford Escape 2017 dropped off by a tow truck?

The problem was that the gear disengaged, and after being on overdrive for four minutes, the vehicle would lose the gear and not move forward even though the engine was running.

What maintenance had the vehicle undergone?

The vehicle had 106,173 miles and had never undergone transmission service, meaning the transmission fluid had not been flushed, drained, or filled, leading to a transmission failure.

What was the result of the scanning process using the diagnostic tool?

The scanning did not show any fault in the transmission module, but it was suggested that the check engine light may have been erased. Live data showed zero pressure on pressure control solenoid A and C when attempting to move the car in gear.

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