Jeep XJ Upgrades: Enhancing Your Ride with Lighting Kits, Power Backs, and Practical Add-Ons

Welcome back to Adam off-road Dustin. Today, I am sharing five easy modifications that can improve your experience with your Jeep Cherokee XJ.

1. Six LED Strip Interior Lighting Kit

The first modification is a six LED strip interior lighting kit. It’s a simple install that provides ample lighting in the Jeep, enhancing visibility and aesthetics.

2. 12-Volt Power Back to the Tailgate

Getting 12-volt power to the tailgate opens up various opportunities, such as charging power banks and adding extra lighting for camping. It’s a useful addition for outdoor enthusiasts.

3. 40-Inch Light Bar

Installing a 40-inch light bar on the tailgate is advantageous for providing instant light while camping or cooking in the rear of the Jeep. It’s a practical enhancement for outdoor activities.

4. Hood Riser Kit for Heat Rejection

A hood riser kit aids in heat rejection, particularly beneficial for older Jeep Cherokees. It’s an inexpensive modification that helps maintain optimal engine temperature, especially during extended trips.

5. Mechanical Temperature Gauge

Adding a mechanical temperature gauge allows for monitoring the vehicle’s operating temperature more efficiently, especially for older XJs without this feature. It’s a valuable upgrade for better engine management.

And an additional mod:

6. Interior Cup Holder

The interior cup holder is a simple and affordable addition that enhances the overall experience within the Jeep Cherokee XJ, making the interior more functional and convenient.

These modifications are designed to improve the practicality, functionality, and aesthetics of the Jeep Cherokee XJ, enhancing the overall driving and outdoor experience.

What are the five simple modifications for a Jeep Cherokee XJ?

1. Six LED strip interior lighting kit2. Adding 12 volt power to the tailgate3. Installing a 40-inch light bar on the tailgate4. Adding a hood Riser kit for heat rejection5. Installing a mechanical temperature gauge

How is the six LED strip interior lighting kit installed?

The LED strip is installed underneath the dash and along the foot kick panel. The wiring is done to ensure that the lights turn on when the door is opened and turn off when the door is closed. The lights can also change colors and sync with music.

What is the purpose of adding 12 volt power to the tailgate?

The 12 volt power at the tailgate allows for charging power banks, extra lighting, and the ability to plug in items like an air pump for camping purposes.

How is the hood Riser kit installed for heat rejection?

The hood Riser kit involves adding spacers and shims to the hood to help reject heat. This modification allows for better heat rejection and assists in defrosting the front windows during winter trips.

What is the purpose of installing a mechanical temperature gauge?

The mechanical temperature gauge is installed to monitor the vehicle’s temperature while running. This modification provides a modern feel to older XJ vehicles and allows for better temperature monitoring.

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