P0011 Nissan Murano: Comprehensive Guide to Resolving the Issue and Maintaining Oil Levels

Today, we will be addressing a common issue with a 2004 Nissan Murano. The customer has reported a check engine light and severe vehicle shaking, indicating possible misfiring. We will begin by checking the diagnostic trouble codes to identify the underlying problem and proceed with the necessary diagnostics.

Checking Oil Level and Condition

The first step is to inspect the oil level and its condition. This can often be a contributing factor to engine performance issues.

Upon inspection, it was evident that the oil level was above the high mark. This could potentially trigger the check engine light and the vehicle shaking. It’s important to note that check engine light codes can be related to low, dirty, or overfilled engine oil.

Considering the customer’s recent oil change, we proceeded to drain some of the excess oil to bring it to the correct level.

Resolving the Issue

After adjusting the oil level and erasing the codes, we conducted another check. Subsequently, it was determined that an oil change was necessary as the oil was significantly dark, indicating potential contamination. Following the oil change, the codes were reset.

Post reset, the check engine light did not reappear, indicating resolution of the initial issue.

Additional Considerations

If the oil level and condition do not resolve the check engine light and vehicle shaking, other potential causes may need to be explored. These could include issues such as faulty ignition components, fuel system problems, or sensor malfunctions.

It is crucial to address these issues promptly to ensure the vehicle’s optimal performance and safety.

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