P0171 Ford F150: Understanding and Diagnosing this Common Issue

Recently, we encountered a trouble code on our 2001 F-150, specifically code P0171 or bank 1 system 2 lean.

Upon inspection, we found that the vacuum lines and hoses were dry rotted and hardened, potentially causing the issue.

We decided to replace the problematic hoses with new sections of rubber hose and a PVC fitting from the parts store.

After replacing the hoses, we cleared the trouble codes and started the vehicle to see if the check engine light stayed off.

Thankfully, the check engine light did not come back on after driving the truck for a few days, confirming that the hose replacement resolved the issue.

We hope this video was helpful in dealing with a similar problem in your vehicle.

Until next time, take care and stay safe out there!

What was the trouble code on the F-150?

The trouble code was P0171, indicating bank 1 system 2 lean.

What was found along the vacuum lines?

Dry rotted hoses were found along the vacuum lines.

What parts were replaced to fix the issue?

Sections of rubber hose from the parts store were used to replace the old hoses.

What was the outcome after replacing the hoses?

After driving about 140 miles, the check engine light did not come back on, indicating that the hose replacement fixed the issue.

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