Step-by-Step Guide: Replacing the Side Mirror on a Toyota RAV4 – Removal to Reassembly

Today, we’re going to walk you through the process of replacing the side view mirror on a 2019 Toyota Rav4. If your side view mirror is damaged, you don’t need to take it to a professional, you can easily replace it yourself.

Removing the Door Panel

The first step is to remove the door panel. This process is the same for both the passenger and driver’s side. You will need a plastic pry bar and a screwdriver for this job. Begin by carefully popping off the cover behind the handle. Use the pry bar to slowly and patiently release the trim piece. Then, remove the screw and the window and lock switch. Disconnect the connectors and carefully take the handle off, ensuring not to damage the cables.

Once the door panel is loosened, work your way around to unclip it from the door. Remember not to force it off as the handles are still connected to the cables. The next step is to remove the mirror’s plastic panel using a screwdriver or a 10-millimeter wrench. Then, carefully unplug the connector and remove the panel.

Replacing the Side View Mirror

Inside, you’ll find three 10-millimeter nuts holding the mirror in place. Be cautious while removing these nuts not to drop them into the door. Keep in mind that the mirror is held by a rubber guide, so it won’t fall off once the nuts are removed. Gently release the mirror and unplug the harness. Remove the old mirror and prepare for the new one.

If you’re buying a replacement mirror, it might not come with the outer shell. In that case, you can either switch the old shell to the new mirror or get it painted. Use a plastic pry bar to separate the shell and switch it over to the new mirror.

Putting Everything Back Together

Once the new mirror is in place, secure it using the nuts and plug in the harness. Then, assemble the plastic panel and put the door panel back on, ensuring all the clips are in place and the handles are connected. Finally, reattach the window and lock switch, the handle, and the trim piece. Be patient and careful during this process to avoid damaging any part of the door panel.


And that’s it! You’ve successfully replaced the side view mirror on your 2019 Toyota Rav4. Hopefully, this guide has been helpful. If you have any additional tips or questions, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for watching!

How do I replace the side view mirror on a 2019 rav4?

To replace the side view mirror on a 2019 Toyota RAV4, you will need to remove the front door panel. Here is a step-by-step guide: 1. Use a plastic pry bar to pop off the cover behind the handle and remove the screw. Save the screw for reusing. 2. Use the plastic pry bar to pop loose the trim piece around the door panel. Be patient to avoid breaking the plastic tabs. 3. Remove the window and lock switch by popping it up gently and disconnecting the connectors. 4. Unscrew the screws on the handle to remove it from the door. 5. Carefully wiggle and pull the door panel forward, making sure not to yank it off as the handles are still connected to the cables. 6. Disconnect the cables by pushing them forward and popping them out. 7. Once the door panel is out of the way, remove the plastic panel covering the mirror by unscrewing it and lower it to pull it out. 8. Use a 10mm socket to remove the three nuts holding the mirror in place. Be cautious not to drop the nuts into the door. 9. Hold the wire harness and remove the mirror from the rubber guide. 10. If replacing the mirror, switch the outer shell to the new one. Reassemble the parts in reverse order and be patient with the process. Ensure everything is put back correctly. For additional information, refer to comments and personalized help is appreciated.

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