Tesla Model 3 Wheel Upgrade: Exploring Options, Advantages, and Premium Aftermarket Solutions

Upgrading your Tesla Model 3 with aftermarket wheel covers can transform not only its aesthetics but also its functionality. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the various options available and explore the pros and cons of each, helping you make an informed decision for your unique needs and circumstances.

Firstly, it’s important to note that while the standard aero-cap covers provided by Tesla are great for maximizing the range of your Model 3 RWD or long-range model, other aftermarket options offer unique designs and advantages beyond just range enhancement.

Options and Advantages

Let’s begin with the various aftermarket wheel cover options and their respective advantages:

Tesla Wheel Cap Kit

For an affordable and easy-to-install option, the Tesla Wheel Cap Kit offers a natural alloy design, enhancing the natural beauty of the Model 3. However, it’s essential to consider that this choice may result in a loss of vehicle range and leaves the rims exposed to potential kerb damage.

Mayde Matte Black Wheel Covers

The Mayde matte black wheel covers provide a sleek and protective solution, hiding existing kerb damage and offering a layer of protection against further incidents. They come in various color options and are a step up in both aesthetics and functionality compared to the Tesla Wheel Cap Kit, with the tradeoff of potential range reduction.

Aftermarket Turbine Wheel Covers

Offering a balance between aesthetics, rim protection, and range enhancement, the aftermarket turbine wheel covers have proven to be a great all-around choice. They provide a performance-inspired look and real-world range benefits, solidifying their position as a comprehensive solution for Model 3 owners.

Original Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel Covers

While the original Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel Covers are the cheapest option and focus on range enhancement, they lack the rim protection and aesthetic customization offered by the aftermarket options. However, for those prioritizing range and looking for a cost-effective solution, these may still be a viable choice.


Ultimately, there’s no clear winner among the options, as each caters to different preferences and requirements. The choice between them hinges on whether you prioritize aesthetics, rim protection, or range enhancement. The best balance between these factors is found in the 18” turbine wheel covers, offering a comprehensive solution at a slightly higher cost.

Whichever option you choose, it’s important to consider your individual needs and preferences before making a decision. Each choice is linked in the video description for easy access, allowing you to explore further and find the perfect fit for your Tesla Model 3.

Thank you for reading this comprehensive guide to aftermarket wheel covers for the Tesla Model 3. If you have any questions or want to share your experiences with these options, feel free to drop a comment below.

What aftermarket wheel cover options are available for Tesla Model 3?

There are several aftermarket wheel cover options available for Tesla Model 3, including the Tesla wheel cap kit, Mayde matte black wheel covers, and aftermarket turbine Tesla Model 3 wheel covers.

What are the advantages of aftermarket wheel covers for Tesla Model 3?

The advantages of aftermarket wheel covers for Tesla Model 3 include enhanced aesthetics, protection against rim damage, and potential improvement in range for some options.

Are there drawbacks to using aftermarket wheel covers with Tesla Model 3?

Drawbacks of using aftermarket wheel covers with Tesla Model 3 may include a potential decrease in range, the need to remove standard aero caps, and the additional cost of the aftermarket covers.

Which aftermarket wheel cover option is recommended for Tesla Model 3?

The recommended aftermarket wheel cover option for Tesla Model 3 depends on individual needs and preferences. The 18” turbine wheel covers are suggested for a balance between a new look, rim protection benefits, and potential range improvement.

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