2008 Chevrolet Impala Starter: Expert Guide to Successful Removal and Installation

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process of removing and replacing a car starter. Whether you’re experiencing starter issues or simply want to know how to do it yourself, our step-by-step guide will help you tackle this task.

Before starting this process, you’ll need a few tools including a 10mm socket ratchet, 13mm socket, 11mm socket, 7mm socket, pick, trim tool, pliers, and a torque wrench. Once you have your tools ready, follow these steps:

Removing the Old Starter

  • Disconnect the battery terminals using a 10mm socket and ratchet.
  • Remove the side bracket bolts using a 13mm socket.
  • Disconnect the starter connector and remove the harness bracket.
  • Loosen and remove the battery hold-down block and the nuts securing the management system.
  • Remove the starter mounting bolts using the appropriate socket.
  • Disconnect the wires and remove the starter from the vehicle.

Installing the New Starter

  • Position the new starter in place and reconnect the wires and connector.
  • Secure the starter with the mounting bolts and tighten them to the specified torque.
  • Reconnect the battery terminals.

It’s important to follow the specific torque requirements for the mounting bolts and battery terminals to ensure proper installation. Once you’ve completed these steps, you can test the new starter to ensure it’s functioning correctly.

Replacing a car starter may seem daunting, but with the right tools and instructions, it’s a task that can be accomplished by DIY enthusiasts. By following our guide, you can save money on mechanic fees and gain the satisfaction of completing the job yourself.

What tools are needed to remove the battery and starter?

You will need a 10mm socket ratchet, 13mm socket, 11mm socket, 7mm socket, pick, trim tool, pair of pliers, 15mm socket, swivel, extension, and a pry tool.

How do you remove the battery?

Loosen and remove the battery terminals, then remove the battery hold down block and nuts securing the management system. Lift the battery and set it aside.

How do you remove the starter?

Remove the cover, disconnect wires and connectors, loosen and remove bolts securing the starter, wiggle and free the starter, then uninstall it. Install the new starter in the reverse order.

What torque values are necessary for the bolts?

The starter bolts should be torqued to 32 foot-pounds, and the bracket bolts to 30 foot-pounds. The electrical connectors should be tightened to 89 inch-pounds.

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