2010 Toyota Corolla Cabin Air Filter: Your Comprehensive Replacement Guide

If you’re looking to eliminate airborne contaminants in your car, a new cabin filter from Filterheads.com can help you achieve just that. The cabin filter, often overlooked, plays a crucial role in maintaining clean air inside your vehicle.

Located on the passenger side of the vehicle behind the glovebox, the cabin filter can be replaced using the following simple steps:

  1. Open the glovebox.
  2. Unhook the dampener arm.
  3. Push in on both sides of the glovebox to release the stops.
  4. Remove the access panel.
  5. Take out the old filter from the housing and ensure to clean out any debris inside.
  6. Insert the new AQ1102 filter into the housing with its airflow indicating arrow pointing down.
  7. Reinstall the housing cover.
  8. Partially close the glovebox to re-engage the stops.
  9. Hook the dampener arm back onto the glovebox.
  10. Close the glovebox.

By replacing your cabin filter, you can enjoy cleaner air inside your car and ensure a healthier driving experience for you and your passengers. Remember that regular replacement of the cabin filter is essential for maintaining good air quality inside your vehicle.

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