2012 Honda Pilot Alternator Replacement: Step-by-Step Guide & Tips

Today, we’re going to replace our alternator. It’s located on the front side of our engine, right down here.

First, we need to locate the coolant reservoir, pop it up, and swing it aside before removing the plastic engine cover by using a flathead screwdriver to unlock the tabs.

Next, remove the bolt securing the harness, and then proceed to remove the rubber boots and connectors, exposing the nut and a connector which should be removed using a 12mm extension.

To access the belt tensioner, use a breaker bar and socket to compress the hydraulic tensioner and slide the serpentine belt off.

Following this, disconnect the power steering hose, remove the wiring harness, and then the bracket holding the expansion tank and power steering reservoir.

Loosen and remove the bolts to access the alternator, and then proceed to remove the alternator itself by taking out the bottom bolt and working it out from the top and bottom.

After repositioning the new alternator, reinstall the belt, power steering reservoir, and other components followed by topping off the power steering fluid.

Finally, torque all the bolts to ensure everything is securely in place.

Thanks for following along on how to replace an alternator in your car!

Where is the alternator located?

The alternator is located on the front side of the engine.

What tools are needed to replace the alternator?

Tools needed include a flathead screwdriver, pick, pliers, 12mm and 14mm sockets, ratchet, breaker bar, and a power tool for faster loosening.

How do you remove the alternator’s belt?

Use a ratchet on the belt tensioner to compress it, then slide the serpentine belt off and relax the tensioner.

How do you disconnect the power steering hose?

Carefully disconnect the power steering hose, ensuring a clean funnel and protection for the belt from any residual fluid.

What is the process for reinstalling the alternator?

Reinstall by securing the wiring harness, belt, power steering reservoir, expansion tank, and AC line bracket. Lastly, top off the power steering fluid.

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