Mastering a 2012 Toyota Camry Transmission Fluid Change: A Complete Walkthrough from Checking Levels to Final Checks

If you own a 2012 Toyota Camry and you’re looking to perform a transmission flush, this step-by-step guide will help you through the process. Before starting the flush, it’s essential to check the transmission fluid level to ensure it’s done correctly. This guide not only covers the procedure but also provides insights into the recommended products and tools you’ll need for the job.

Checking the Fluid Level

With the engine running, the fluid level check involves removing the plug and letting the fluid drip. The desirable temperature for this check is around 120 degrees, as the fluid expands when warmed up. The goal is to prevent overfilling, which can lead to aerating the fluid and causing issues with the transmission’s pump and clutches.

Changing the Filter and Draining the Fluid

The transmission of the 2012 Toyota Camry has a changeable filter and a drainable transmission pan, allowing for easy removal of dirt build-up. The specific transmission filter and gasket required for this model are explained, and the process of removing the pan, cleaning it, and replacing everything is detailed.

Performing the Flush

Once the new filter and pan are in place and the fluid is refilled, the flush can be initiated. The video mentions using a pumper to pump the fluid in, but it offers an alternative method for those without pumps. The procedure involves directing the old fluid through a drainage system until the fluid coming out is clean and free of debris, ensuring a successful flush.

Final Checks and Recommendations

After the flush, the video outlines the final steps, including reheating the fluid for a final check and torqueing down the components. It also provides recommendations for synthetic lubricants and a website for fluid capacity lookup, along with a reminder to subscribe and check out other similar videos.

Performing a transmission flush is crucial for maintaining the health of your vehicle’s transmission system, and with the guidance offered in this video, you can confidently carry out this maintenance task with ease.

What type of transmission does the 2012 Toyota Camry have?

The 2012 Toyota Camry has a six-speed automatic transmission.

What is the recommended transmission fluid for the 2012 Toyota Camry?

The recommended transmission fluid is the Amsoil Signature Series ATL, which is a fuel efficiency synthetic automatic transmission fluid.

What is the transmission fluid capacity for the 2012 Toyota Camry?

The total fill capacity of the transmission is about 6.9 quarts.

How is the transmission fluid level checked without a dipstick?

The transmission fluid level can be checked by using a temperature gun to reach a temperature of around 120 degrees, then removing a plug to check the fluid level, which should be right below the plug.

What is the procedure for flushing the transmission fluid?

The flush involves draining the old fluid, replacing the filter, refilling with new fluid, starting the engine, and pumping out the new fluid to flush out the old fluid from the system until the color of the fluid coming out is a clean cherry red.

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