2013 Ford Escape Backup Camera: Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Replacing for Optimal Results

Are you experiencing issues with the rear view camera on your 2013 Ford Escape and looking to replace it with a high definition alternative? Look no further, as I present a simple and easy method to switch out the camera without any hassle or extensive disassembly.

After encountering intermittent functionality and low-definition output with the original camera, I opted for a high-definition replacement that offered a significant improvement in performance. The process was smooth and yielded excellent results.

Choosing the Right Replacement Camera

I settled on a high-definition rear view camera priced at $50, which not only provided a great deal but also proved to be compatible with the 2013 Ford Escape despite being advertised for 2014-2016 models. This compatibility ensured a perfect fit and functionality for my vehicle.

The Easy Replacement Method

Unlike the complex procedures often found in other tutorials, I sought a simpler approach to avoid potential damage to the plastic components and intricate disassembly work. Here’s how I made the replacement process a breeze:

  1. Using a small screwdriver, carefully pry off the black plastic plate surrounding the camera. I took precautions to avoid damaging the paint and was able to remove it without any visible scratches.
  2. In some cases, the plastic hooks on the plate may break during removal. If this occurs, a small amount of super glue gel applied to the affected areas can securely reattach the plate without compromising the installation.
  3. With the plate removed, simply unplug the old camera and connect the new high-definition camera in its place. The new camera fits snugly into the plate, making the installation process seamless and efficient.

Final Results

The easy five-minute replacement method resulted in a high-definition camera that functioned flawlessly, providing crystal-clear visibility and an excellent view of the surroundings. The simplicity of the process and the remarkable improvement in camera performance left me thoroughly satisfied with the outcome.

For those seeking a straightforward and quick way to upgrade the rear view camera on their 2013 Ford Escape, this easy method offers a hassle-free solution without compromising on quality or performance. With minimal effort and a high-definition replacement, you can enjoy an enhanced driving experience with improved rear view visibility.

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