2013 Ford Escape Coolant Reservoir: A Comprehensive Maintenance Guide

Welcome back to How to Escape! Today, we’re going to walk you through the process of filling coolant in your 2013 and newer Ford Escape.

First and foremost, it’s important to prioritize safety by wearing protective eyewear when handling coolant. Additionally, only open the coolant reservoir cap when the engine has cooled down and is turned off.

When it comes to coolant, you can opt for the 50/50 pre-diluted version or the concentrated version that requires mixing. Using a funnel with a flexible neck can make the process more convenient, allowing you to access the cap tucked underneath the wiper cowl.

It’s worth noting that using a regular long funnel may result in coolant spillage due to the design of the coolant tank. Therefore, a funnel with a flexible neck is recommended to avoid wastage and potential misconception of coolant leakage.

Locate the coolant tank cap and observe the max and minimum fill lines. If you find that the coolant level is below the minimum line, it’s crucial to identify and address any leaks.

Insert the flexible-neck funnel into the tank and carefully add the coolant until it reaches the max fill line. After refilling the coolant, securely place the cap back on the tank.

Once the tank is refilled and the cap is tightly sealed, ensure any spills are cleaned up. If you have encountered a leak or have additional tips to share, feel free to leave a comment. Your input can help improve the process for others.

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What type of coolant is recommended for 2013 and up Ford Escape?

The recommended coolant for North American or Ford vehicles is an orange type coolant. It is available as a 50/50 pre-diluted version or as a concentrated version that can be mixed with water. Both options are suitable for use.

How should the coolant be filled?

To fill the coolant, it is recommended to use a funnel with a flexible neck that can be tucked underneath the wiper cowl to access the coolant tank cap. This prevents spillage and loss of coolant. The coolant should be added until it reaches the maximum fill line on the tank.

What should be done if there is a coolant leak?

If there is a coolant leak, it is important to identify and address the leak to prevent further loss of coolant. Additionally, cleaning up any mess caused by the leak is recommended.

Any other tips for refilling coolant in a Ford Escape?

If anyone has additional tips or suggestions for refilling coolant in a Ford Escape, it is welcomed to share them in the comments section of the video. Liking, thumbs-up, and sharing the video is also encouraged to support the channel and help others with similar tasks.

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