2013 Ford Fusion Cabin Air Filter: Essential Guide for Replacement and Maintenance

If you want to put an end to airborne contaminants in your car, installing a new cabin air filter can make a significant difference. Follow these simple steps to replace the cabin air filter in your car:

  1. Open the glovebox and uninstall the side panel using a screwdriver. Carefully remove the panel.
  2. Utilize a seven-millimeter nut driver to remove the bolts from the glovebox.
  3. Lower the glovebox, taking care not to stress the connected hoses and wires. Then disconnect the light and remove the glovebox door.
  4. Proceed to remove the two screws securing the filter housing door and unclip both sides of the housing cover to remove it.
  5. Take out the old filter from the housing and clean out any debris inside.
  6. Install the new AQ1227 filter into the housing with its air flow indicating arrow pointing down.
  7. Close the filter housing and reinstall the screws. Next, reinstall the glovebox light and assembly by aligning their tabs with their catch.
  8. Finally, reinstall the side panel by aligning the tabs and make sure everything is securely in place.

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