2014 Ford Escape Transmission Fluid: Essential Tips and Maintenance Guide

If you’re looking to drain the transmission fluid in your Ford Escape EcoBoost, here’s a quick rundown of the process to help you along.

First, you’ll need to go under the vehicle and remove the under shroud covering everything up. Once under the vehicle, locate the drain plug for the transmission. It’s an 11-millimeter plug located next to a sticker on the transmission, typically on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Remove the drain plug and let the fluid drain out. Meanwhile, up top, remove the engine cover. It should come off easily, revealing the fill port for the transmission fluid. Clean the area around the fill port to prevent any debris from entering the system.

Once the fluid has finished draining, fill a jug with the appropriate amount of new transmission fluid. Then, refill the transmission using the fill port on top, ensuring that you pour in the same amount that was drained out.

When the drain has slowed to a drip, replace the drain plug using the 11-millimeter wrench. Then, put the engine cover back on and secure it in place. Finally, replace the under shroud under the vehicle and secure it with the appropriate bolts or screws. You may need to jack up the vehicle depending on its height and your reach.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully drained and refilled the transmission fluid in your Ford Escape EcoBoost.

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