Complete Walkthrough: 2014 Jeep Cherokee Spark Plug Replacement and Installation Guide

This step-by-step guide is brought to you by Hanes, creators of the world’s best repair manuals. With this accurate and reliable information, you can effectively complete over 200 jobs on your vehicle. Let’s dive into the process of spark plug replacement.

Checking and Preparing the New Spark Plugs

Before starting, ensure the engine has cooled down. Check the new spark plugs for defects and adjust the gap if necessary. The gap can be checked using a wire type gauge, and it’s important to ensure it meets the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Removing the Old Spark Plugs

Start by disconnecting the negative terminal of the battery. Next, proceed to disconnect the electrical connectors and ignition coils from the spark plugs. Using compressed air and a spark plug socket, remove each plug from the engine.

Installing the New Spark Plugs

Apply a small amount of anti-seize compound to the threads of the new plugs. It’s advisable to use a rubber hose for easy and safe installation. After threading the plugs in by hand, tighten them to the specified torque setting.

Final Steps

Reconnect all the components in the reverse order of removal, ensuring everything is securely tightened. Once the new spark plugs are in place and all components are reconnected, close the hood and you’re good to go!

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