2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee: A Comprehensive Guide on Transmission Fluid Check

Checking the transmission fluid is essential for maintaining your vehicle’s performance. In this article, Jerry from All Phase Auto demonstrates how to check the transmission fluid on a 2014 3.2 liter Jeep Cherokee.

Firstly, it is crucial to warm up the vehicle as the transmission oil temperature needs to reach a specific level. In this case, Jerry suggests the temperature should be above 120°F or approximately 60°C.

Next, the oil plug is removed, and a flexible dipstick is used to measure the transmission fluid level. Jerry’s reading indicates the fluid is within the normal range for this particular vehicle.

It’s important to note that this process requires special tools, such as a flexible dipstick, to accurately assess the transmission fluid level.

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What vehicle is being checked for transmission fluid?

The transmission fluid is being checked on a 2014 3.2 liter Jeep Cherokee.

How do you check the transmission fluid?

To check the transmission fluid, you need to warm up the vehicle, ensure the transmission oil temperature is above 120°F, remove the oil plug from the transmission, and use a flexible dipstick to measure the fluid level.

What are the normal range readings for the transmission fluid?

At 60 degrees Celsius, the normal range for the transmission fluid is up to 30 millimeters on the dipstick. Any reading within this range indicates that the fluid is at the correct level for the vehicle.

Are there any special tools required to check the transmission fluid?

Yes, you will need a long extension and a flexible dipstick to check the transmission fluid on a 2014 3.2 liter Jeep Cherokee.

Who is providing the information?

The information is provided by Jerry from All Phase Auto.

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