Review and Insights on the 2014 Tesla Model S P85: Is It Worth Buying?

Are you interested in purchasing an older Tesla Model S? Today, we’re taking a close look at a 2014 Tesla Model S P85, a classic and highly sought-after car in the EV community. Despite being an older model, this vehicle showcases exceptional features and upgrades that may surprise you.

Firstly, let’s discuss the unique characteristics of this specific P85 model. It’s equipped with an 85-kilowatt hour battery and boasts a distinctive gunmetal gray metallic color, a rarity among these older models. In terms of performance, this single-motor model has undergone significant upgrades, including a battery pack replacement and rear motor enhancements, making it an attractive option for secondhand buyers, especially as it comes out of warranty this year.

One of the noteworthy upgrades on this Tesla Model S is the CCS (Combined Charging System) upgrade, which enables compatibility with version 3 superchargers and other networks using CCS. Additionally, the car has undergone the MCU-2 upgrade, enhancing the screen and computer system, offering improved navigation and entertainment features.

Alongside these upgrades, the vehicle includes premium features such as adjustable air suspension, a premium sound system, a winter package with rear seat heaters, and a full-size panoramic glass roof with the unique sunroof option. The performance model also boasts 21-inch wheels and a carbon fiber spoiler, distinguishing it from standard models.

Now, let’s delve into the performance figures. The P85 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in only 4.2 seconds and delivers 416 horsepower and 600 newton meters of torque. Combined with the rear-wheel drive configuration, this Tesla Model S epitomizes power and agility, making it a joy to drive.

In terms of range, despite its age, this Tesla Model S retains an impressive 221 miles at 75% state of charge, demonstrating the enduring capabilities of its 85-kilowatt hour battery.

Conclusively, the 2014 Tesla Model S P85 stands as a testament to Tesla’s timeless design and innovative engineering. As demand and values for these classic models continue to rise, the appeal and performance of this particular car remain undeniable, setting it apart as a highly desirable option in the EV market.

What type of Tesla car is featured in the video?

The featured car is a Tesla Model S, a 2014 P85, which is a performance model with an 85 kilowatt hour battery and a single motor.

What are some unique features of the car?

The car is in a rare gun metal gray metallic color, which was only available for a limited time. It has had the battery pack and rear motor replaced under the eight-year powertrain warranty. Additionally, it has received upgrades including the CCS upgrade for rapid charging and the MCU-2 upgrade for a more responsive screen and enhanced features.

What are some performance specifications of the car?

The car has 416 horsepower, 600 newton meters of torque, and can do 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds. It had an official range of 265 miles in 2014 and currently has a range of 221 miles at 75% state of charge.

What are some additional features of the car?

The car features a full open center console, carbon fiber trim on the dash, leather seats with red piping, adjustable air suspension, premium sound system, winter package, and a panoramic glass roof.

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