Mastering 2016 Ford Fiesta Oil Reset: A Comprehensive Guide

Greetings from Taj Mahan Medics! Today, we’ll be demonstrating how to reset the service light on a Ford Fiesta from 2015 to 2016.

When you have the oil engine light and the spanner light on, here’s how you can reset it:

  1. Switch the ignition on.
  2. Press the brake and accelerator together for 25 seconds.
  3. After 25 seconds, release the brake and accelerator.
  4. Switch the ignition off for two minutes.
  5. Turn the ignition back on.

By following these steps, the spanner light or the service information should no longer be displayed. If it does not reset after the first attempt, repeat the process.

Thank you for watching this tutorial on resetting the service light on a Ford Fiesta 2015-2016!


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