Clear Steps to Reset 2016 Honda Odyssey Oil Light: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you wondering how to reset the oil maintenance light on your 2016 Honda Odyssey? It’s a quick and straightforward process that you can do yourself. Follow the steps below to reset the oil maintenance light in just a few minutes.

To begin, put the key in the on position without starting the engine. Then, locate and press the reset button in your vehicle. Hold down the reset button until it starts flashing, which typically takes about 10 seconds.

Once the light starts flashing, release the button and then press and hold it again to select the reset option. After selecting the reset option, continue to hold down the button until the light stops flashing, indicating that the reset is complete.

If your vehicle has additional settings, such as an outside maintenance indicator, you can also reset it using the same process. Simply press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds, select the desired setting, and continue to hold the button until the reset is confirmed.

That’s it! You have successfully reset the oil maintenance light on your 2016 Honda Odyssey. Congratulations on completing this maintenance task yourself.

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