Unveiling 2017 Ford Explorer Transmission Problems: Causes and Solutions

Are you experiencing issues with your 2017 Ford Explorer’s torque converter? Here’s a detailed analysis of a unique problem encountered in a Ford Explorer and the steps taken to troubleshoot and fix it.

Upon inspecting the vehicle, it was found that the one-way clutch in the torque converter was slipping, causing the torque to multiply unexpectedly, leading to engine load and detonation. Despite the commanded RPM being 775, the actual RPM was only 650, indicating a malfunction in the torque converter.

Further investigation revealed that the stator one-way clutch was rotating in both directions, which is not normal. The stator should only rotate in one direction and remain static in the other. This malfunctioning one-way clutch was causing the transmission to place an unnecessary load on the engine at low speeds.

Upon dismantling the torque converter, it was discovered that the internal components, specifically the one-way clutch, were worn out and not functioning as intended. The rollers and teeth in the one-way clutch were not providing the required resistance, allowing the stator to spin in both directions.

After identifying the issue, the torque converter was repaired, and a reinstallation in the Ford Explorer was carried out. With the torque converter fixed, the vehicle was tested, and the results were positive. The RPM was stable at 825 in park, and the stall speed met the manufacturer’s specifications, indicating that the torque converter issue had been successfully resolved.

If you are experiencing similar problems with your Ford Explorer’s torque converter, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly to prevent any long-term damage to the vehicle. Proper maintenance and timely repairs can ensure the smooth functioning of your vehicle’s transmission system.

Stay tuned for more diagnostic insights and automotive solutions. Don’t let torque converter issues hold you back from enjoying a seamless driving experience in your Ford Explorer.

What is the issue with the 2017 Ford Explorer?

The one-way clutch in the torque converter is slipping, causing the torque converter to multiply torque improperly, leading to issues such as engine detonation, spark knock, and incorrect stall speed.

What was found to be the problem upon testing the converter?

The stator one-way clutch was found to be bad, as it rotated in both directions instead of locking and rotating in a specific direction as designed.

How was the issue with the one-way clutch identified?

Upon further inspection, it was noticed that the one-way clutch was spinning in the stator, indicating a malfunction. This was confirmed by observing wear and damage in the affected components.

Has the issue been fixed?

Yes, the transmission has been fixed by addressing the issue with the one-way clutch, and the vehicle now operates without vibration, shaking, or incorrect stall speed.

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