2017 Ford Fusion Battery Replacement: A Comprehensive DIY Guide

Today, we’re going to guide you through the process of removing the battery from a 2017 Ford Fusion. The tools you will need are a 10mm wrench, and that’s all you need to get started.

First, start by loosening the positive side of the battery followed by the negative side. It’s important to note that the battery usually comes with a battery clamp, but in this case, it was missing. So, we’ll proceed to remove the negative terminal first by gently pushing it aside. Then, carefully remove the positive terminal. If your battery has a clamp, you will need a 5/16 wrench to remove it.

Once the terminals are disconnected, carefully lift out the old battery, making sure not to tip it over. It’s essential to handle the old battery with care. Now, you can place the new battery in the same position as the old one, ensuring it’s securely in place.

If your new battery comes with a clamp, be sure to install it correctly, securing the battery in place. Once everything is in position, you’re all set!

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What tools do I need to remove the battery from a 2017 Ford Fusion?

You will need a ten millimeter wrench to remove the battery from a 2017 Ford Fusion.

Which battery terminal should I loosen first?

You should loosen up the positive side first and then the negative side when removing the battery.

What do I do if the battery clamp is missing?

If the battery clamp is missing, you can first remove the negative terminal, followed by the positive terminal. If the battery clamp is present and installed correctly, a 5/16 wrench may be needed to release it.

How do I install the battery clamp correctly?

To install the battery clamp correctly, locate the two slots where the clamp needs to be placed, and secure it in position.

What do I do after removing the battery?

After removing the battery, you can proceed to install the new battery and ensure that the battery clamp is correctly positioned. Thank you for watching!

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