2017 Honda Accord Oil Change: The Ultimate Guide for Car Owners

Today, we are going to go through the process of changing the oil and filter on a 2007 Honda Accord. The procedure for newer models (2018-2020) is similar, with some variations in the cover underneath. However, the steps for draining the oil, replacing the filter, and resetting the oil light remain consistent across these models.

Firstly, we need to locate the drain plug and remove the cover to access the oil filter housing. Using a flathead screwdriver, carefully remove the screws to take off the cover. Once removed, the drain plug and oil filter housing will be visible.

Next, we use a number 17 wrench to loosen the drain plug, allowing the oil to drain completely. It’s essential to check the drain plug washer and replace it if necessary. After draining, the oil filter is removed using an oil filter wrench. Carefully clean the area and ensure the old filter’s O-ring is removed from the housing.

It’s important to lubricate the O-ring of the new filter before installation to ensure a proper seal. The new filter is then hand-tightened in place. Following this, the drain plug is tightened, and the cover is reattached securely.

Now, the appropriate amount of oil is added to the engine, as specified for the particular model. In this case, the 2007 Honda Accord required four and a half quarts of 0W-20 oil. It is crucial to double-check the oil level and securely fasten the oil cap after adding the oil.

Finally, it’s important to check for any leaks, and don’t forget to replace the oil cap. For a complete tutorial on how to reset the oil light, refer to our separate video. Thank you for joining us in this detailed oil change guide. Stay tuned for more automotive tutorials and don’t forget to subscribe for future updates!

What model year Honda Accord does the oil change tutorial apply to?

The oil change tutorial applies to the 2007 Honda Accord, but the procedure is similar for models from 2018-2020.

What tools are needed for the oil change?

You will need a flathead screwdriver, a number 17 wrench, an oil filter wrench, and a drain pan.

How do you change the oil filter?

To change the oil filter, first, drain the oil, then remove the old oil filter using an oil filter wrench. Replace it with a new filter, ensuring the old ring is removed and the new one is lubricated before installation. Hand-tighten the new filter.

How much oil should be added after changing the filter?

The car takes a little bit more than four quarts of oil, but it’s advisable to add four and a half quarts after changing the filter.

What should be checked after adding the oil?

After adding the oil, ensure the oil cap is closed securely. Start the car for a few seconds, let it rest, and then check the oil level.

What caution should be taken during oil change to avoid problems?

Ensure the oil cap is closed properly to prevent oil spills, misfire, or trigger of check engine light. Also, remember to tighten the drain plug properly and check for any leaks.

How do you reset the oil change light?

A separate video on how to reset the oil change light will be provided. Please subscribe to watch the video tutorial.

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