2017 Nissan Pathfinder Cabin Air Filter: A Comprehensive Replacement Guide

If you want to put an end to airborne contaminants in your car, a new cabin filter from Filterheads.com is the solution you’ve been looking for. This simple and effective replacement can make a big difference in the air quality inside your vehicle.

When it comes to replacing your cabin filter, it’s essential to know its location and the steps to take. The cabin filter is typically located on the left corner of the footwell in your car. To access it, pull the tab on the housing cover up and slide the cover off.

Once you have removed the housing cover, take out the old filter and make sure to clean out any debris inside. This maintenance step ensures that your new filter will function optimally.

When installing the new AQ1228C filter, it’s recommended to pinch the sides of the filter with its airflow indicating arrow pointing towards the back of the car. This ensures that the filter is positioned correctly for efficient air filtration.

It’s important to note that the cabin filter should be replaced every fifteen thousand miles or at least once a year. For specific guidelines, it’s advisable to refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for exact specifications.

To complete the installation, slide the housing cover into position and press to lock it into place. Following these steps will guarantee that your new filter is securely in position and ready to do its job.

For easy and stress-free shopping, visit Filterheads.com to order your cabin filter and ensure that it fits your vehicle perfectly. Don’t compromise on the air quality in your car – make the switch today and enjoy clean, fresh air on all your rides!

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