Unlocking Solutions: Chevrolet Equinox Key Stuck in Ignition – A Comprehensive Guide

If you have a Chevy Equinox, especially the 2007 model, you may have encountered the frustrating issue of the key getting stuck in the ignition. This seems to be a common problem with this vehicle, but fear not, I have a band-aid fix that can help you out in a pinch.

When you put the vehicle in park and shut off the engine, the key should turn all the way back for you to pull it out. However, intermittently the key will not turn all the way back, leaving everything halfway lit up. I’m going to show you a temporary fix to bypass this safety feature built into the Chevy Equinox.

What You’ll Need

To perform this quick fix, you’ll need a few tools:

  • 7mm screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Zip tie

Step-by-Step Instructions

First, locate the three 7mm screws underneath the steering column and remove them. You’ll also notice a small access hole, which will be helpful in an emergency situation where the key won’t come out. Through this hole, you can reach up and manipulate the mechanism to release the key.

After removing the screws, separate the covers and gain access to the electric solenoid responsible for releasing the key. You may notice that the solenoid intermittently fails to work, causing the key to get stuck.

To create a temporary fix, pull the plunger of the solenoid back and place a zip tie to prevent it from moving forward. This will ensure that you can remove the key every time without worrying about it getting locked in the vehicle.

Important Note

It’s essential to understand that this is not a permanent fix and should be considered a temporary solution. While this band-aid method can help you out in a pinch, it’s not a recommended long-term fix. Use this method only if you’re in a jam or unable to afford the proper repair.


So there you have it—a quick and easy band-aid fix for the stuck key issue in a Chevy Equinox. I hope you found this tutorial helpful, and if you did, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing for more helpful tips. Thanks for watching!

What is the issue with the Chevy Equinox mentioned in the video?

The issue mentioned in the video is that the key won’t come out after putting the vehicle in park and shutting off the engine. The key will not turn all the way back intermittently, preventing it from being pulled out. This is described as a common issue with the Chevy Equinox.

What fix is suggested in the video?

The video suggests a band-aid fix to bypass the safety feature that’s built into the Chevy Equinox. It provides a way to release the key and get it out in an emergency situation or when experiencing the issue in a parking lot.

What procedure does the video demonstrate to address the key issue?

The video demonstrates the procedure to access the underside of the steering column of the Chevy Equinox. It shows the removal of screws and covers to reach the electric solenoid that is causing the key issue. The demonstration includes using a zip tie to keep the plunger of the solenoid in place to allow the key to be removed without encountering the issue.

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