Chevrolet Suburban Seating Capacity: How Many Can it Accommodate?

There was a point in time when General Motors offered an all-wheel drive passenger van and a cargo van. These were half-ton models 1500s, body on the frame. The passenger vans were eight passenger, and we sold a ton of those. We had a lot of customers, whether it was churches, school districts, caterers, laundromats, that used that specific van for whatever reason. In 2014, they decided to drop that configuration. So today, in 2021, if I have a customer who needs an eight passenger vehicle, half-ton body on frame, or even possibly a nine passenger, full-wheel drive, what can I offer them?

Well, here’s the answer: a nine passenger Chevy Suburban LS 4-wheel drive half-ton body on frame, all the standard safety features built-in. What a great vehicle for that kind of use, check it out. Front row bench seat with the flip-up console so three occupants can sit in the front. Suburbans are available with second-row bench and a third row.

This is a real quick short video, but this answers the question. You can no longer get an eight passenger all-wheel drive, so what do you do? Get a nine passenger Suburban four-wheel drive. Thanks for watching, take care, have a great day everyone.

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