The Inside Scoop on the Chevrolet Suburban Secret Service: Cost Breakdown and Decision Processes

Today, I’m excited to share the completion of our project to restore a 2500 Chevy Suburban truck from the Secret Service. The clear coat I was waiting for to fix the headlights never arrived, so I decided to use a 2k max clear coat in a can as an alternative. This clear coat combines clear and hardener and is easy to apply, although it’s a one-time use product.

I started by sanding the headlights with a sanding block and a thousand grit sandpaper. The results were pretty good for a spray can job, although not as perfect as using an actual spray gun. After completing the headlights, I detailed and cleaned the entire truck, which took a few days due to its size. The truck’s black paint job and interior cleaned up nicely, and I’m pleased with the overall result.

Cost Breakdown

Now, let’s talk about the expenses. The total amount spent on this project is around $2743.97. The breakdown includes expenses for various repairs and replacements such as tire pressure sensors, airbag sensor, AC blower, seat belt, AC vents, door lock actuator, power steering components, clear coat for headlights, dash pad, steering wheel, key fob, dent removal, and miscellaneous labor.

Decision and Conclusion

Unfortunately, while filming the video, the A/C broke down again, and I had to incur additional expenses, making the total cost of the project quite significant. Considering the ongoing issues, I’ve decided not to retail the truck and will instead fix the A/C for the last time and take it to auction.

It’s been a challenging but rewarding project, and despite the financial outcome, I’m proud of the work done on this truck. While I won’t be making a profit from this restoration, I’m confident in the decision to move on from this project and focus on new endeavors in the future.

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