Mastering Chevrolet Wheel Alignment: Steps, Benefits, and Essential Tips

Are you struggling with adjusting the front alignment on your Chevrolet Bolt EV? Well, fear not because today I’m going to guide you through the process step by step.

What should be done before adjusting the front alignment on a Chevrolet Bolt EV?

Before adjusting the front alignment on a Chevrolet Bolt EV, it is important to ensure that the rear alignment is in spec first. A separate video demonstrating how to check the rear alignment is available for reference.

What tools are needed to take measurements for adjusting the front alignment?

The tools needed to take measurements for adjusting the front alignment include a two-foot level, a block with string, and a ruler. It is recommended to use a precise ruler with metric measurements for accuracy.

How is the camber checked on the front wheels?

To check the camber on the front wheels, a two-foot level is placed against the tire to measure the vertical alignment. Care is taken to avoid interference from protrusions on aftermarket wheels. Additionally, measurements can be taken directly from the rim of the wheel for increased accuracy.

What adjustment is made using a camber bolt?

A camber bolt allows for adjustments in the range of approximately 1.75 degrees positive to 1.75 degrees negative. It is an essential part in achieving the desired camber alignment for the vehicle.

What should be done if the alignment measurement is not within specifications?

If the alignment measurement is not within specifications, adjustments can be made using the camber bolts to achieve the desired alignment. It may require loosening and repositioning the bolts as well as conducting further measurements and adjustments to ensure accurate alignment.

How is the toe alignment checked and adjusted?

The toe alignment is checked using blocking and string behind the rear wheels. The steering wheel is positioned straight and the string is used to measure the toe alignment. Adjustments to the tie rod are made based on the measurements to achieve the desired toe alignment.

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