Unleashing the Fastest Toyota Supra: Performance Insights and Modifications

Today, we have the pleasure of hearing from Joel Grannas, the mind behind Grannas Racing, as he shares the story of their stick shift Supra. This impressive car is a 3.2-liter build by Brian Roach with a Bullet Race Engineering block from Australia. Initially designed for street use, it has now evolved into a formidable racing machine with an astonishing 2300-2400 horsepower.

The engine specifications include a wet-deck Billet Race block, a custom race head from Head Games Motorworks, GSC r2ms cams, and CP pistons. The car runs on Sunoco brand methanol fuel and boasts an impressive transmission and driveline setup with a GR1000F faceplated transmission and a bonafonte adjustable clutch triple disc.

Grannas Racing has put an extensive effort into perfecting the car’s performance, customizing the suspension with Precision race suspension components and a Motec M150 PDM for tuning. The commitment to excellence is evident in the dedication to continuous improvement and testing, as seen by their recent struggles and triumphs at the drag racing event.

Despite the challenges faced, the team persevered and eventually achieved outstanding results, with the stick shift Supra running a 6.87 at 212 miles per hour, securing a place in the finals. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the team’s expertise, dedication, and the astounding capabilities of the car.

After overcoming several hurdles, including issues with the clutch, rear end setup, and turbo, Grannas Racing managed to secure a resounding victory, setting a new record with a 6.69 ET at 221 mph on their final run. This remarkable feat showcased the team’s unwavering determination and the exceptional performance of the stick shift Supra.

The eventful journey of Grannas Racing at the drag racing event serves as an inspiring example of persistence, ingenuity, and the pursuit of excellence in the world of high-performance automotive engineering. It is a testament to the remarkable achievements that are possible when driven by passion and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

What car is featured in the video?

The car featured is a stick shift Supra built with a 3.2-liter engine by Brian Roach. It has a billet Race Engineering block from Australia, a wet deck, and various street-legal features such as turn signals and brake lights.

What modifications have been done to the engine?

The engine features a full port and polish race head, GSC r2ms cams for methanol fuel, BC crank 3-2 crank, aluminum rods, and CP pistons. It undergoes a refresh after about 40 to 50 passes and produces around 2300-2400 horsepower.

What is the transmission and driveline setup?

The car utilizes a gr1000f faceplated transmission and a bonafonte adjustable clutch triple disc. It also has a four link setup with a nine-inch straight axle and Precision race suspension.

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