Upgrading Your Ford Bronco: A Comprehensive Guide to Speaker Replacement

Embarking on the journey of upgrading your Ford Bronco’s audio system can be an exciting project, but it requires attention to detail and some technical skills. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the process of replacing the speakers in a Ford Bronco, providing step-by-step insights and valuable tips.

When it comes to the audio setup of the factory Ford Bronco, understanding its intricacies is crucial before diving into the upgrade. The Bronco is equipped with a six-speaker base audio system, consisting of two rear pod speakers, two front dash speakers, and two kick panel speakers. It’s important to note that the kick panels and dash speakers share the same channel originating from the audio control module (ACM). Additionally, for those with a 2023 Bronco, there’s the possibility of having a subwoofer and an amplifier mounted on the inner fender.

The primary goal of upgrading the audio system is to enhance sound quality, especially since the base audio setup may not meet the desired standards. In the speaker replacement process, the focus lies on the four-inch kickers and the six and three-quarter kickers, which are targeted for replacement, while considering the functionality of the factory speakers.

Replacing the speakers involves careful disassembly, as demonstrated in the video. Starting with the removal of trim pieces, the process extends to uninstalling the factory speakers, understanding the wiring harness, and finally, mounting the new speakers. It’s important to be mindful of the connectors, cable management, and potential modifications required for proper installation.

After thorough speaker replacement, the video also touches upon the assessment of the newly installed speakers. An overview of the performance of the four-inch and six and three-quarter kickers is provided, shedding light on the impact of the upgrade on the audio quality.

The speaker replacement guide concludes with a glimpse of the additional components, such as the 200.4 and 500.1 amplifiers, hinting at the upcoming stages of the audio enhancement project. The video creator invites engagement and outreach for further assistance, expressing a willingness to share knowledge and experiences with other Ford Bronco enthusiasts.

Undertaking an audio system upgrade for your Ford Bronco demands precision and patience, ensuring that each step is meticulously executed for the best results. With this detailed guide and the creator’s willingness to offer assistance, the journey to an enhanced audio experience in your Ford Bronco becomes both informative and collaborative.

What is the setup of the factory Bronco audio system?

The factory Bronco six-speaker system includes two speakers in the rear, two on the front dash, and two on the kick panel. The dash speakers and kick panel speakers share the same audio control module (ACM) channel, while the rear speakers have a separate channel. In some 2023 models, there may be a subwoofer located in the rear of the vehicle.

What upgrades were made to the Bronco audio system?

The speaker upgrade involved replacing the factory speakers with Kicker KC series KS series four-inch speakers for the dash and pod speakers, and six and three-quarter kickers for the kick panels. Additionally, plans were made to install an amplifier and potentially a subwoofer for further sound quality improvement.

What were the challenges faced during the speaker installation process?

Challenges included difficulties in removing trim pieces and the struggle with clips when taking out the factory speakers. There were also issues with connector routing, speaker fitment, and the length of screws. The speaker cables were modified and securely connected to the speakers.

What was the assessment of the speaker upgrade?

The four-inch speaker upgrade was deemed worthwhile, while the factory six and three-quarter speakers were considered satisfactory and did not require replacement. A further review will be conducted after the installation of an amplifier.

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