Ultimate Guide: Locating the Oxygen Sensor in Your Ford F150

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Today, we’re going to show you how to replace the rear O2 sensor, also known as the downstream sensor, in a truck. This sensor is located on the driver’s side, right behind the catalytic converters.

To begin, you’ll need a 22-millimeter wrench. With the wrench, you can easily disconnect the O2 sensor by pushing up to loosen it. Follow the wire up to the top of the transfer case to locate the connector, push the little tab down, and pull on the connector to disconnect it. After that, you can spin the O2 sensor out of the exhaust system.

When installing the new O2 sensor, remember to put the sensor in first and tighten it before plugging it in. This will prevent any damage to the wires. Use the 22-millimeter wrench to tighten up the O2 sensor from the front just like when you loosened it. Once it’s tight, feed the wire up over the transfer case and connect it into the wire harness.

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What is the rear O2 sensor also known as?

The rear O2 sensor is also known as the downstream sensor.

What wrench size is recommended for disconnecting the O2 sensor?

A 22 millimeter wrench is recommended for disconnecting the O2 sensor.

How should the O2 sensor be installed to prevent wire damage?

When installing the O2 sensor, it should be put in first and tightened up before plugging it in to prevent wire damage.

Where can quality auto parts with fast and free shipping be found?

Quality auto parts with fast and free shipping can be found at 1AAuto.com.

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