Ford Focus Air Conditioning Reset: A Comprehensive Guide to Locating and Replacing Fuses

If you’re experiencing climate control problems with your Ford Focus MK 3, whether it’s the generation 2000 to 2012 or 2012 to 2018, we’ve got you covered. Our channel is dedicated to helping you save money by providing free tutorial videos on car repairs. Today, we’ll show you how to troubleshoot and fix climate control issues on your Ford Focus MK 3.

First off, it’s important to note that whether you have a manual climate control or a digital one, the troubleshooting process remains the same. The issue could stem from two specific fuses, so let’s get started.

Locating the Fuses

We’ll need to access the fuses located behind the glove box. Remove the carpet lining piece covering the fuses. The fuses we’re interested in are number 71 and number 88. Number 71 is a 10 amp fuse and number 88 is a 25 amp fuse.

Checking and Replacing the Fuses

Inspect the fuses to see if they are blown. You can easily identify a blown fuse by checking the element inside. If you need to replace a fuse, refer to the description section below our video for recommendations on where to purchase replacement fuses at an affordable price. Once you have the replacement fuses, simply insert them into the designated slots.

Ensure that the fuses are properly aligned and push them in firmly. Once the fuses are in place, you can re-install the cover and that’s it! You’ve completed the process of checking and replacing the fuses for the climate control on your Ford Focus MK 3.

We hope this tutorial has been helpful in resolving your climate control issues. Remember to subscribe to our channel for more informative videos on Ford Focus and other car maintenance tips. Thank you for watching!

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