Ford Focus Brake Fluid: Your Comprehensive Guide to Maintenance and Safety

Welcome to Mechanic Today! In this tutorial, we’ll go over the procedure for adding brake fluid to a 2015 Ford Focus.

To start, you’ll need to unlock the driver’s door and locate the release lever for the hood. Once the hood is open, you’ll find the brake fluid reservoir on the left-hand side of the vehicle’s engine bay.

It’s essential to keep the brake fluid level above the minimum mark and closer to the max mark to ensure proper brake function. If the fluid level is low, you’ll need to add more brake fluid.

Before adding the fluid, make sure to clean the reservoir’s surface and the area around the cap to prevent any dirt or debris from entering the system. Then, carefully remove the cap and fill the reservoir up to the max line using DOT 4 fluid.

To check the fluid level, you can use a flashlight to illuminate the reservoir. Once you’ve topped off the fluid, it’s important to securely fasten the cap to prevent moisture and air from entering the reservoir.

That’s all there is to adding brake fluid to your 2015 Ford Focus. Thanks for watching Mechanic Today, where you can be the mechanic.


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