Ford Fusion Cabin Air Filter: Your Ultimate Replacement Guide

Welcome to Program Your Remote! Today, we’re going to show you how to change the cabin air filter on a 2017 Ford Fusion. Keep in mind that the process is similar for other years as well.

The first step is to remove the side panel using a plastic trim tool or a flathead screwdriver. Be cautious while prying against the plastic. Once the panel is loosened, it can be pulled off by hand.

Following this, the piece of trim around the cover needs to be removed. This may require a trim tool or a flathead screwdriver. Then, four seven-millimeter screws located in specific positions should be taken out.

Next, the entire glove box needs to be pulled out gently. After removing it, unhook the light for the glove box. Once the glove box is out, the access door to the cabin filter can be observed.

If there are screws on the access door, they should be taken out. To open the access door, press a specific tab and pull down on the top. Once opened, the dirty filter can be located. After replacing it with a new filter, reverse the steps to reassemble everything.

Finally, snap the access door back on, reassemble the glove box, and put back the screws and trim pieces. If there are any questions, feel free to ask.

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What car model is this tutorial for?

This tutorial is for a 2017 Ford Fusion, but it may be applicable to similar models from other years.

What tools are needed to change the cabin air filter?

To change the cabin air filter, you will need a plastic trim tool or a flathead screwdriver, and a 7mm socket or screwdriver.

How do I access the cabin air filter in a Ford Fusion?

To access the cabin air filter in a Ford Fusion, you need to open the glove box, remove the side panel and trim, unscrew the 7mm bolts, and then locate the access door for the cabin filter behind where the glove box was.

How do I replace the cabin air filter?

To replace the cabin air filter, remove the access door, take out the old dirty filter, insert the new filter with the airflow going down towards the floor of the vehicle, and then reassemble everything in reverse order.

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