Master the Ford Starter Solenoid Wiring: A Comprehensive Demonstration Guide

Welcome to Riggs Garage! Today, we’ll be demonstrating how to wire in a modern Ford mini starter with a solenoid on it using the fender well-mounted original starter solenoid found in many Ford cars.

Here’s the original starter that came in the car, which only had one big hot wire to it, connected to the side of the starter solenoid. When the key is turned, the solenoid takes 12 volts and sends it down to the starter.

Now, with the Ford mini starter, it has a big hot wire and a trigger wire. The mini starter has a solenoid on it, unlike the original. To wire it in, use the original solenoid as a relay. The big hot wire will go to the battery side of the solenoid for constant power, while the trigger wire will go to the key-only side, receiving 12 volts when the key is turned. When the solenoid on the mini starter receives the 12-volt signal, it will act as a relay to start the car.

This method should work for any Ford with this type of starter solenoid layout.


Here’s a demonstration of the trigger wire to the mini starter getting hot.

With this wiring setup, your modern Ford mini starter can be easily integrated with the original fender-mounted starter solenoid. Happy wiring!

Thank you for watching Riggs Garage. Stay tuned for more automotive tips and tutorials!

What is the purpose of the video?

The purpose of the video is to demonstrate how to wire in a modern Ford mini starter with a solenoid using a fender well mounted original starter solenoid.

What does the original starter in the car have?

The original starter in the car has one big hot wire that comes from the starter solenoid on the fender well.

How does the Ford mini starter differ from the original starter?

The Ford mini starter has a big hot wire and a trigger wire, as well as a solenoid, unlike the original starter which does not have a solenoid.

What is the wiring process for the Ford mini starter?

The original solenoid is used as a relay, with the big hot wire connected to the battery side and the trigger wire connected to the key-only side. When the key is turned, the trigger wire receives 12 volts and shoots it down to the solenoid, causing the mini starter to start the car.

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