Honda CRV 2014 Headlight Bulb Replacement – Your Detailed Step-by-step Guide

If you have a 2014 Honda CRV and need to replace your headlight bulb, it’s a very simple procedure that takes just a minute to do. Follow these steps to quickly and easily replace the bulb.

Start by opening the door and pulling on the hood handle to release the hood. Then, raise the hood by pulling the release lever to the right and securing it in place.

To replace the headlight bulb, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect the electrical connector by grabbing it and pulling it apart.
  2. Remove the rubber cover by gently pulling it off the back of the headlight assembly.
  3. Locate the light bulb and its bracket. Press on the bracket to release the bulb, then remove the bulb from the assembly.
  4. If the bulb needs to be replaced, take it to a parts store to get the correct replacement bulb.
  5. Insert the new bulb into the assembly, secure it with the bracket, and replace the rubber cover.
  6. Reconnect the electrical connector by pushing the two parts together until they click into place.

That’s it! It’s a straightforward process that anyone can do in just a few simple steps. If you found this helpful, please give it a like and have a great day!

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