Honda CRV P1077: Understanding and Solving This Common Diagnostic Trouble Code

We have a 2002 Honda CRV with a check engine light on and a complaint of hesitation and stalling. Upon scanning, we found a P1077 code related to the intake manifold. I will walk you through the step-by-step diagnostic process to identify and address the issue.

First, I checked the data stream to observe the parameters related to the P1077 code. The data showed that the intake manifold runner control was stuck in the off position and the position sensor voltage was abnormal, both indicative of a potential issue.

Referring to the repair manual, I proceeded with the diagnostic steps. Using a vacuum pump, I tested for vacuum at various points in the intake manifold system, as instructed by the manual. After following the procedure, I found that a hose was disconnected, leading to a vacuum leak. This explained the faulty operation of the intake manifold runner control.

After identifying the disconnected hose as the root cause, I also considered the possibility of a faulty actuator if the vacuum test had produced different results. This systematic approach allowed me to accurately diagnose the P1077 code and resolve the issue.

By using the right tools and following the comprehensive repair manual, the diagnostic process was streamlined, leading to an accurate and professional fix for the car. With the intake manifold issue resolved, the check engine light was no longer a concern, and the hesitation and stalling problems were also addressed.

If you encounter similar issues with a P1077 code in a Honda CRV, following these diagnostic steps can lead you to the root cause of the problem. By understanding the process, you can ensure an accurate and effective fix for the issue at hand.

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What is the complaint about the 2002 Honda CRV mentioned in the video?

The complaint about the car is regarding the check engine light being on and the car hesitating and stalling occasionally.

What diagnostic trouble code (DTC) was found for the car?

The diagnostic trouble code (DTC) found for the car was P1077, related to the intake manifold Runner Control system.

How was the issue diagnosed step by step?

The issue was diagnosed step by step, starting with checking the data stream for the car, then using a vacuum pump to test for vacuum, and finally identifying that the issue was a disconnected hose that should have been connected to the intake manifold.

What equipment was used to diagnose the issue?

The equipment used for diagnosis included a scanner, a vacuum pump, and a repair manual for the car.

What was the ultimate cause of the issue and how was it resolved?

The ultimate cause of the issue was identified as a disconnected hose related to the intake manifold, likely due to a recent starter replacement. Once the hose was connected, the issue was resolved, and the data stream for the car showed the desired changes, indicating a proper fix.

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