Honda P0700 Error Code: Decoding and Troubleshooting Guide

When you see a flashing D4 on your Honda, it’s essentially the check engine light for your transmission. It indicates that there’s an issue that needs to be addressed promptly.

In a recent case, the flashing D4 prompted the reading of two error codes – one for the computer and another for a linear solenoid. The troubleshooting involved the replacement of the linear solenoid and a reset on the computer to resolve the issue. If that didn’t work, there was a spare computer on standby for further testing.

The linear solenoid, a vital component, was the focus of the diagnostic process. Positioned on the front, lower left side of the transmission, it is secured by 10mm bolts. A visual inspection confirmed the need for a replacement. Once removed, the old solenoid was compared to a spare to guarantee a proper fit on the Honda CRV.

After replacing the part, the codes were checked again. Despite initial efforts, the error codes persisted, prompting the exchange of the computer. The power control module (PCM) was swapped, requiring only the removal of a 10mm bolt and unplugging and plugging in a single connector. This change successfully resolved the issue, eliminating the flashing D4.

The final confirmation of the fix was done by performing another diagnostic check, which confirmed that the error codes were no longer present. The combined replacement of the linear solenoid and PCM proved to be the solution to the flashing D4 issue.

In conclusion, addressing the flashing D4 on a Honda involves thorough diagnostic work, necessitating the replacement of the linear solenoid and, at times, the PCM to rectify the transmission issue.

What does it mean when the D4 light is flashing on my Honda?

The flashing D4 light is essentially the check engine light for the transmission. It indicates that something is wrong and needs to be checked immediately.

What is a linear solenoid?

The linear solenoid is a component located at the front of the transmission on the lower left side. It can be identified by its 10 millimeter bolts. It is responsible for specific functions within the transmission system.

How can the issue of a flashing D4 light be resolved?

In the case discussed in the video, the issue with the flashing D4 light was resolved by replacing the linear solenoid and the PCM (power control module). After this replacement, the problem was fixed and the D4 light stopped flashing.

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