Honda P1659 Diagnostic Trouble Code: Detailed Insights and Solutions

Are you experiencing problems with your car’s throttle not responding and the vehicle not accelerating properly? In this post, we’ll take a look at diagnosing and fixing a throttle control issue in a 2008 Honda Ridgeline 3.5.

As the car owner faces the issue of the throttle not responding to the pedal, the first step is to attempt to resolve the problem by addressing the throttle control. Upon turning the car on and pressing the gas, it becomes evident that the vehicle is not accelerating as expected.

With the warning lights illuminated, including the ABS, VSA, and VTM-4 indicators, it’s clear that there’s a deeper underlying issue affecting the vehicle’s performance. To gain insights into the problem, the car owner decides to check the error code using a diagnostic tool.

Upon retrieving the error code, it indicates a throttle actuator control circuit supply voltage issue. This signifies a potential problem with a blown fuse or relay. In this case, the focus turns to the throttle actuator control relay, as it is suspected of being faulty and causing the throttle control problem.

In a methodical approach to resolving the issue, the car owner removes the suspected faulty relay and inspects it for any signs of damage or malfunction. Upon confirming the suspicion, a replacement relay is utilized to address the problem.

By installing the new relay and resetting the error code, the car owner successfully resolves the throttle control issue, allowing the vehicle to function as intended once again.

What could be the issue if the car does not respond to the gas pedal?

If the car does not respond to the gas pedal and will not go past 40 miles per hour, it could be related to the throttle actuator control circuit supply voltage. This may indicate a blown fuse or a faulty relay.

How can I solve the issue of the car not responding to the gas pedal?

To solve the issue, you can check for a blown fuse or a faulty relay related to the throttle actuator control circuit supply voltage. Try replacing the relay to see if it resolves the problem.

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