Honda Ridgeline Oil Change: An In-Depth Guide to Maintenance and Care

Today, we’re going to walk you through the process of changing the oil on a Honda Ridgeline. I’ll show you how to access the filter without having to take the wheel off on the right side.

First, ensure that your car has been running for a couple of minutes so that the oil is warmed up. Then, unscrew the oil cap located at the front of the vehicle.

It’s important to replace the old oil drain plug gasket or crush ring with a brand new one. After that, we can move on to accessing the oil filter, replace it, and fill up the new filter with oil.

When replacing the oil and the filter, make sure to use 27 US quarts of oil for the Honda Ridgeline. After everything is replaced, you will need to reset the engine oil. Simply press and hold the reset button, and then go up to reset. Once the reset is complete, the engine oil life should be at 100%.

I hope this demonstration on how to change the oil on a Honda Ridgeline has been helpful for you. For more videos like this, please subscribe to the channel. Thank you for watching!

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