How Do You Open the Hood on a Ford Escape: Step by Step Guide

Opening the hood of a Ford Escape can be a bit confusing at first. Here’s a simple guide to help you with the process.

When you’re seated inside the car, look for a small latch located underneath the dashboard on the driver’s side. Pull this latch to pop the hood open.

Once you’ve released the latch, you’ll need to exit the vehicle and move to the front. The hood release is not centered as you might expect. Instead, it’s located on the left-hand side. Look for a small yellow lever near the front of the car. Flip this lever to fully release the hood.

After releasing the hood, you’ll need to locate the prop rod, which is used to hold the hood up. It is usually made of metal and can be found near the front of the engine compartment. Once you’ve found it, insert it into the designated slot under the hood on the left-hand side.

And there you have it! You’ve successfully opened the hood of your Ford Escape.

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