How Long is a Chevrolet Suburban? Exploring its Dimensions and Practicality

One of the more common questions that arise about the Chevy Suburban is whether it can fit inside of a standard-sized garage. Let’s explore this by taking a look at the dimensions and trying it out ourselves.


The Suburban measures 225 inches long, whether it’s the 2021, 2022, or the 2023 model. The garage we’ll be working with is a standard two-car garage, 20 feet wide and 21 feet deep.

Testing it Out

As we get behind the wheel and attempt to park the Suburban in the garage, we consider the height and length dimensions. The Suburban’s height is 75.8 inches, while the garage offers a clearance of 95 inches, providing a comfortable 20-inch clearance. As for the length, we carefully maneuver the vehicle into the garage and find that it fits comfortably with enough room for the garage door to close.


In our case, the Suburban fits with a leeway of 27 inches between the length of the garage and the vehicle. It’s important to note that the vehicle’s height can be adjusted, but it’s advisable to check the dimensions of your specific garage before attempting to park a Suburban inside.

So, in conclusion, yes, the Chevy Suburban can fit inside a standard garage, but it’s essential to consider the dimensions and safety before attempting it.

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