How to Remove Tesla Model 3 Rear Bumper: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you want to learn how to take off the rear bumper of your Tesla Model 3? Follow these step-by-step instructions to do it yourself!

First, begin by removing the weather trim and the plastic sheathing. Lift the weather stripping and disconnect the electrical connections. Remove the bolts and plastic bolts with an eight-millimeter ratchet.

Use a towel and a crescent wrench to carefully remove the plastic bolts. Ensure to pull them straight back to avoid damaging them.

Next, protect the car paint by taping around the edge, then use a ratchet to remove the clip behind the tail light on both sides as well as the plastic clips at the back.

Then, locate and remove the T25 Torx and the additional bolts under the car. If needed, you can remove nearby bolts to facilitate the process.

Once ready, carefully start detaching the bumper starting with the corners and working your way around. Support the bumper when removing the last clips to prevent it from falling.

Now you’ve successfully removed the rear bumper of your Tesla Model 3!

How do I take off the rear bumper of a Model 3?

To take off the rear bumper of a Model 3, first, remove the weather trim and then the plastic sheathing. Pull the weather stripping up and undo the connections behind. Remove the electrical connection and bolts using an 8mm ratchet or socket. Then, undo the plastic bolts, and tape around the edge to protect the car paint. Next, remove the clips and a T25 torx behind the tail light. Use a pry tool to pop open the door underneath the car to access more bolts connected to the skid plate. Slide the bumper out carefully, supporting it to avoid damaging any electrical connections or clips. Finally, undo the remaining electrical clips and carefully pull off the bumper.

What precautions should be taken when removing the rear bumper?

When removing the rear bumper, it’s important to be careful not to damage any electrical connections, clips, or the car paint. Use a pry tool carefully, provide support to the bumper when it starts getting loose, and undo all electrical connections before completely removing the bumper.

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