How to Turn Off Park Assist in Your Tesla: A Step-by-Step Guide

Back in some of the earlier softwares, you used to be able to actually silence the parking chime by hitting a sound icon to mute it. However, in version 11, this feature is not as easily accessible. This tutorial will guide you on how to silence the parking assist in version 11 of the software.

To silence the parking assist, follow these steps:

  1. Access the car button
  2. Go to Safety
  3. Scroll down to Parking Assist Chime
  4. Toggle the switch to silence the chime

Once the parking assist chime is silenced, you will no longer hear the noise when maneuvering your vehicle in close proximity to obstacles. If you wish to restore the parking assist chime, you can easily toggle it back on following the same steps.

It’s important to note that in version 11, there is no temporary way to turn the parking assist chime on or off, and it must be manually controlled using the steps outlined above.

With this simple tutorial, you can effectively manage the parking assist chime based on your preferences and needs when operating your vehicle in tight spaces.

We hope this tutorial was helpful in guiding you through the process of silencing the parking assist. Thank you for watching!

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