Mastering Jeep 5 Tire Rotation: A Comprehensive Guide

Hi, my name is Jeff from Simpson Family Jeeps. Today we’re going to talk about the five tire rotation, why that’s valuable and important to do.

When rotating your tires, if you incorporate the spare, it can actually gain you up to 20 percent of the tread life. That’s valuable right there, and the fact that it’s going to save you money on the cost of tires in the long run.

Additionally, if you don’t rotate that spare tire in, the tread pattern may not match up next time you buy a set of tires, and now you’re going to have a spare tire that doesn’t match the rest of your tires.

As far as doing the five tire rotation, it gives you an opportunity to check your brakes and the air pressure. Air pressure is going to be variable based on the tire that you have, the weight of the vehicle, things like that. So we always recommend to do a chalk test. With the chalk test, you can actually drive your vehicle in a straight line approximately 50 yards with a block of chalk drawn across the tire about three inches thick just so you can see exactly where it’s going to wear. If it wears out in the center, you know that your tire is overinflated. If the chalk wears out on the outside edges, you know that it’s underinflated. You want that chalk to wear evenly when you’re doing that chalk test drive.

The additional thing with the tires when you’re doing that five tire rotation, it’s going to improve the handling of the vehicle because it’s going to give a more even wear on the tread across all five tires.

When doing a tire rotation, I always recommend starting with your spare tire and then following to the rear passenger. The reason you want to do it like this is that starting here, a lot of times when you’re working from home, you don’t have a lift that you can just take all the tires off at once and do it all at once. So if you start one tire at a time, you’re able to keep moving through it, so you would move your spare tire to the right rear passenger, move that right rear passenger up to the front passenger, front passenger we’re going to go diagonal all the way back to the rear driver’s side, rear driver side move that tire right up to the front, now you got your front driver tire off, you’re going to move that all the way back and put that on the spare and that’s how you do a five tire rotation.

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Why is the five tire rotation valuable and important?

Rotating your tires, including the spare, can gain you up to 20 percent of the tread life, saving you money on tire costs in the long run. Additionally, not rotating the spare tire may result in mismatched tread pattern when buying a new set of tires.

What are the benefits of a five tire rotation?

Performing a five tire rotation provides an opportunity to check brakes and air pressure. It also helps in improving handling by promoting more even wear on the tread across all five tires.

How to perform a five tire rotation?

Start by removing the spare tire and then follow to the rear passenger, front passenger, diagonal to the rear driver’s side, and finally to the front driver’s side. This sequence is recommended especially when working without a lift to keep the process moving smoothly.

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