Ultimate Guide: Installing and Maintaining Jeep Gladiator Auxiliary Battery

Today, we’re going to be replacing the auxiliary battery in the Jeep Gladiator, and also replacing the bigger battery as well. The auxiliary battery has been causing issues, displaying messages like “aux temporarily not available while charging” and it’s almost three years old. To ensure the problem is solved, we decided to replace both batteries while we’re at it.

The cost difference between the two batteries is $50, with the Walmart battery having a four-year warranty compared to the three-year warranty from O’Reilly’s. This influenced our decision due to the better warranty offered by the Walmart battery.

Before we start, it’s important to disable the module underneath the battery to allow it to reset with the new batteries. Both batteries have been charged and we’re ready to proceed with the replacement.

We decided to access the battery through the inner fender rather than removing the fuse panel, as it would involve dealing with the electrical systems of the truck.

During the process, we encountered some unexpected challenges like breaking the security socket when trying to take the tire off. This led us to leave the tire on and remove the inner fender to access the battery.

Once the battery was accessible, we had to disconnect the wiring and remove the battery from its compartment. The difficulty in getting the connectors off was the hardest part of the process. However, with some trial and error, we were able to overcome the challenge. After replacing the battery and reassembling everything, we were pleased to find that the replacement went smoother than expected.

After completing the replacement, the Jeep Gladiator started up with all lights functioning as they should. We were satisfied with the outcome of the battery replacement. If you have ever done this replacement, we would love to hear about your experience.

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What is the task for today?

Replacing the auxiliary battery in the Jeep Gladiator and also replacing the main battery.

Why are you replacing the batteries?

Randall has been experiencing weird messages when starting the truck, indicating issues with the batteries, so he decided to replace both to ensure the problem is resolved.

What are the differences between the batteries?

The auxiliary battery costs about $120, while the main battery from Walmart costs around $170. The Walmart battery has a four-year warranty, while the O’Reilly’s battery has a three-year warranty.

How did you go about replacing the batteries?

The process involved accessing the batteries from underneath the Jeep Gladiator and removing the old batteries to install the new ones. It took about two hours, with the most challenging part being removing the terminals from the auxiliary battery.

How did the replacement turn out?

The replacement was successful. After the installation, the truck started up as expected, and Randall was satisfied with the outcome.

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