Decoding Jeep Grand Cherokee’s 4WD System Reset: Solutions, Testing, and Final Thoughts

Today, we’re dealing with a couple of faults, but the main issue at the moment is the “service four-wheel drive system.” This problem occurs occasionally. Additionally, there’s a “service tire pressure system” warning due to two faulty sensors in the rear tires, but I plan to address that when it’s time to replace the tires.

To engage the four-wheel drive, it needs to be in neutral. Then, you operate the lever and the buzzer goes off. However, I’ve found a fix for this issue, and I’m excited to share it with you.

Finding the Solution

First, I opened the bonnet and located the specific fuse related to the electronic differential. The fuse number 25, the FDCM electronic diff 20 amp fuse, was the one I needed to address. Using needle-nose pliers, I carefully removed the fuse.

After removing the fuse, I turned off the engine and shifted back and forth between gears as per the advice from a video I had previously watched. Today, I decided to try a different approach without moving the car, and it worked a treat.

Testing the Fix

With the fuse removed, I restarted the car and operated the four-wheel drive system. To my delight, the problem was fixed, and the four-wheel drive system engaged seamlessly. I then replaced the fuse, and the issue was resolved in just a few minutes.

Final Thoughts

It’s incredible how a simple fix like removing and replacing a fuse can rectify a seemingly complex issue. I hope this solution works for you as it did for me. Thanks for watching and best of luck with your own car troubleshooting. Goodbye!

What is the issue with the service four wheel drive system?

The issue is that occasionally the service four wheel drive system fails to engage.

What is the procedure to engage four-wheel drive?

To engage four-wheel drive, the vehicle needs to be in neutral. Then, lift the lever up and wait for the buzzer to go off.

How was the issue fixed?

The issue was fixed by removing and replacing fuse number 25 (the fdcm electronic diff 20 amp fuse) without moving the car, and then operating the four-wheel drive system again.

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