Jeep Wrangler Catalytic Converter Location: A Guide to Removal, Replacement, and Complete Installation

Welcome to Jeep Generation! I’m Kevin and today, we’re replacing the catalytic converter on the passenger side of the Jeep Wrangler with a new one from the dealer.

Living in California, I’m required to use a factory-equipped catalytic converter due to smog regulations. The stock converter had a strange sound, possibly due to a prior impact on the y-pipe. Despite having installed a new y-pipe previously, the sound persisted, leading me to conclude that the honeycomb inside the catalytic converter might have been damaged.

After the replacement, we’ll be adding a skid plate for added protection. Now, let’s dive into the installation process.

Removing the Fender and Inner Liner

To access the catalytic converter, we need to remove the tire and the fender. Using a 10-millimeter wrench, we’ll remove the fender and inner liner. Be mindful of the clips to prevent breakage, and keep spare clips handy for replacements.

Replacing the Catalytic Converter

After unplugging the O2 sensors and removing the old catalytic converter, we’ll clean the area and install the new one. It’s crucial to torque the bolts to the specified 18 foot-pounds and reattach the sensors in their correct positions.

Completing the Installation

After reconnecting the catalytic converter to the y-pipe, we’ll test the vehicle and ensure the proper functioning of the new component before reattaching the fender and inner liner.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me today for this repair. Stay tuned for more Jeep-related content in the future!

Why are you using a factory catalytic converter?

The speaker is using a factory catalytic converter because they live in California and are required to use factory equipped catalytic converters due to smog regulations in the state.

Why are you changing the catalytic converter?

The speaker is changing the catalytic converter because the stock one makes a concerning sound, possibly due to impact from a previous y-pipe replacement.

What additional part will you be installing after changing the catalytic converter?

After changing the catalytic converter, the speaker will be installing a skid plate.

What tools are needed to remove the fender and access the catalytic converter?

To remove the fender and access the catalytic converter, you will need a 10 millimeter and a 22 millimeter open box wrench, as well as a pry tool for removing clips.

What is the torque specification for tightening the bracket bolts on the catalytic converter?

The bracket bolts on the catalytic converter should be tightened down to 18 foot-pounds.

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