Jeep XJ Headliner Replacement: A Comprehensive Guide to Required Materials

Are you tired of looking at the old saggy headliner in your Jeep Cherokee? In today’s video, I’ll guide you through the process of replacing it with a new one. I’ll be demonstrating the procedure on a two-door 2000 Cherokee, but similar steps can be applied to other vehicles as well.

Materials Needed:

  • 3M super 77 adhesive
  • Headliner material (preferably fleece for its stretchiness)
  • Basic tools such as screws, screwdriver, t25 torx, etc.

First, remove all the trim around the headliner carefully, ensuring that the fiberglass board isn’t damaged. Once the old headliner is removed, clean the board by scraping off the glue and foam residue using a plastic brush or a wire brush on a drill.

Next, apply the adhesive to the board and the headliner material in sections, making sure to avoid any wrinkles. Trim the excess material and secure it around the edges and any openings for lights, visors, or seat belts.

After preparing the headliner, reinstall it in the vehicle, reattaching all the trim and accessories. For additional details on wrapping the sun visors in new headliner material, stay tuned for the next video.

With the new headliner in place, the final result is stunning. The job might be time-consuming, but the outcome is well worth it. For more automotive DIYs and tips, subscribe to our channel and stay tuned for the next video!

What materials are needed to replace the headliner in a Jeep Cherokee?

To replace the headliner in a Jeep Cherokee, you will need adhesive (3m Super 77 is recommended), headliner material (fleece or normal automotive headliner material), various tools like screwdrivers and Torx, and other accessories specific to the vehicle model.

How do you remove the old headliner board in a Jeep Cherokee?

To remove the old headliner board in a Jeep Cherokee, start by taking out all the trim that’s around the perimeter holding it in. Carefully remove the sun visors, grab handles, dome light, speakers, and seat belt brackets. Then, disassemble the trim panels that still hold in the headliner, and clean the board thoroughly.

What is the process for applying the new headliner material?

When applying the new headliner material, it’s recommended to have a partner to help prevent getting wrinkles. The process involves spraying adhesive on both the headliner and the board in sections, laying the material carefully, and trimming the edges before gluing them down to create a clean finish.

How do you reinstall the headliner in a Jeep Cherokee?

To reinstall the headliner in a Jeep Cherokee, carefully put back all the trim pieces in the right places to hold the headliner. Reconnect the dome light and speakers, and fasten all screws securely. Finally, put the handles and sun visors back in place.

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